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LG 12pc Beach Set
LG 12pc Beach Set

LG 12pc Beach Set

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This Stencil Is Cut From Clear Reusable Plastic Mylar
Item Number: TW-22
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Our reusable mylar 12 Pc Large Beach Stencil Set would make a wonderful sign or accent piece for any Beach Home Decor.

Size Options (Designs are all 1" smaller than listed size to allow for a 1/2" border)

  • 6) 4"x10"
  • 2) 10"x10"
  • 4) 4"x20"


Our reusable plastic stencils are cut from 5mil Clear Mylar which make them strong, durable and gives a cleaner crisp outline. With proper care, your stencils will last through multiple uses. The stencils form well to most surfaces including Wood, Canvas, Metal, Fabric and other surfaces using appropriate paints. Not sure? Contact us to receive a FREE

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