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Growth chart 2pc
Growth chart 2pc

Growth chart 2pc

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This Stencil Is Cut From Clear Reusable Plastic Mylar
Item Number: 6969
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6"x 75" comes in 2 pcs due to the length 
This Growth Chart is designed so you line the bottom of the stencil up with the bottom of your board. This gives you the right measurements going up from the very bottom of the board. However you may do it as you please...in moving it as your needs may be different.
 The little red arrow is just an indicator on the picture for possible placement on your surface.

This Stencil Is Cut From REUSABLE Clear Mylar. 

Color is added to the picture for representation of the stencil and what it would look like when you have painted your sign.
Please see our product information page for thickness of mylar.

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