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Be Our Guest ...but don't expect much.
Be Our Guest ...but don't expect much.

Be Our Guest ...but don't expect much.

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This Stencil Is Cut From Clear Reusable Plastic Mylar
Item Number: 11152
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Be Our Guest ...but don't expect much reusable stencil is great for making doormats or signs
It makes a cute accent to any home, or even make to resell.
Stencil available in 2 sizes  with 1/2" border 
* 12"x 18"
* 18" x 30"

This stencil can be used on, wooden signs, walls, fence panels, pallet wood and much more your mind is the only limit you have so dream big and create even bigger.

 We recommend the use of acrylic water base paints for the best results… Less paint Is better when stenciling, almost a dry brush effect so you do not have the bleed under…along with  the water base paint, we personally recommend cosmetic wedges to do the easiest stenciling…


All of our stencils are cut to order when they are paid for so NO Cookie cutter stash of stencils packed in a warehouse - each one is freshly cut, and by doing so we offer most all of our designs in multiple sizes to fit your specific needs and desires.


Color is added to the picture for representation of the stencil and what it would look like when you have painted your sign.

Please see our product information page for thickness of mylar. 

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